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editorial clients:

ART magazine - portraits
Capital magazine - reportages
Design Zentrum Muenchen - book Aspen Design Conference
DuMont - book "Madagaskar"
Eulen Verlag - books "Am Niederrhein" and "Dusseldorf"
Haberbeck Verlag - book "Das Reitpferd"
Rudolf Kueppers architect - book "architecture"
FAZ-Magazin - reportages
GEO - book "Die Lage der Nation" (environmental report)
GEO magazine - reportages
GEO-Saison magazin - reportages
Institut fuer Auslandsbeziehungen - exhibition "the rhine"
Lufthansa Bordbuch - reportages
Lufthansa´s Germany - reportages
Merian magazine - reportages
Pomp Verlag - book "Frank O.Gehry der Neue Zollhof Dusseldorf"
SPACE magazine Korea - architecture
Spiegel magazine - reportages
Stern magazine - reportages
Zeit-Magazin - reportages


project "Der Neue Zollhof Dusseldorf" 10 years documentary for Thomas Rempen, from architects competition 1989 til finished buildings 1999, published in the book " Frank O.Gehry: Der Neue Zollhof Dusseldorf" 440 pages, appr. 800 photos

project "cycle bowl" exhibition pavillon for Expo2000 Hannover, client: Duales System Deutschland
construction, exhibition, pull down from July 1999 til December 2000, published in the book "Metamorphosen" by Duales System Deutschland and "experiment cyclebowl" by atelier brueckner

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